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Dean’s lovely elephants
Javier’s Hill Tribe Command IHT004
New Horses Click here
Aventine can now process your payments without you having to use paypal.

You can now ring us and supply your card details over the phone, email us or just plain old write to us.  

Macedonian Cavalry unit painted. Click to view.
Unit Deals
Please note that the deals are as listed and cannot be changed during the ordering process unless it says so.
Northstar pikes
All back in stock, slight increase in line with Northstar pricing.
Imitation Legionaries by Garry Grant
War and Conquest rules now in the shop.
Aventine Miniatures
Historical 28mm wargame figures.

All our figures have been sculpted by Adam who designed A&A’s 3rd Century Romans and Palmyrans.
All our figures are made from Lead alloy and contain small parts, they are therefore unsuitable for children under 14.
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Help 4 Heroes items
Adam created two lovely EIR character figures for the Albanich shows of 2012 and 2013. We are now selling them for charity. Click here to see the page.
Today we sent another payment to the charity bringing the total up to £240.50 relating to the 163 figures sold to date(1st August 2014). Thanks again to all who have bought them. Keith and Adam
H4H1 painted by Alex from the LAF forum

New online store added

Following on the heels of our hosting company upgrading the php system on the servers we have had to update the store. This update caused all sorts of issues for the older program which proved just too much and we took the decision to move onto the latest version of the software.

We know that this server issue has caused a lot of people a lot of annoyance and for that we apologize and hope that the new system is to everyone's liking.

Like all things new there will be small issues to overcome.

We have discovered that when logging onto the new site you may have to delete your browsing history or it will just thrown you back to the login scene.

If you find any other issues please let us know asap and we will get it sorted, as with all things new there will be something we haven't thought of and your help would be most helpful.

What are we doing at present, well Adam has new horses ready for the Sassanid cavalry and we are very hopeful that they will be ready as a unit deal in the next couple of weeks. To this unit deal we will be adding variations of riders to allow all combinations we feel are necessary to field a Sassanid force covering a huge time period.

Then it will be a new range of Samnites.

We are also updating various moulds and sets as we continue to expand so watch out for these small changes that we feel improve our product.

Again please bear with us, it isn't easy to do all these changes.

Thanks again

Keith and Adam